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We use proven methods to systematically recover, process and recycle end-of-life electronics.

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We offer an end-to-end e-waste solution that contributes to a circular economy; from the collection of equipment to data erasure, specialist processing and dismantling for recycling purposes. Operating right across South Africa, our experienced team will ensure that the correct procedure is followed at all times, guaranteeing all electronics are handled without compromising data security.

Every step in the process adheres to our strict protocols and standards, which is why South Africa’s top corporations trust us with their e-waste.

Items that we collect:

  • Computers and Peripherals
  • Office and Telecomm Equipment
  • Data Center Equipment
  • Cable Equipment
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Point of Sale (POS) Systems
  • Storage Media
  • Electronic and Industrial Scrap
  • Test Equipment
  • Laboratory and Medical Equipment

The Importance of Safely Recycling E-Waste

Electronic waste is a rapidly growing waste stream across the globe and is especially harmful to our environment due to the elements contained within it. If disposed of in the wrong conditions, these elements can break down and find their way into the soil, damaging the local ecosystem. Electronics that are not recycled responsibly are also often burned, releasing toxic chemicals into the air.

Beyond ecological damage, irresponsible disposal of electronic waste can also have a catastrophic effect on clients’ business reputations.  We ensure that all end-of-life electronic equipment is processed, disposed of and recycled in alignment with the strictest environmentally friendly IPO protocols.

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